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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Trend Tex Challenge 2010

Yesterday in an email, someone asked if I were participating in this year's CQA Trend Tex Challenge... and I suddenly remembered that I am! The fabrics were ordered back in October and arrived sometime before Christmas. As things were a bit hectic then, I set them aside. Here's what I found when I opened the packet:
Oh guessing why these activities are termed "challenge". This is an annual fund raising (sometimes hair-raising!) event through the Canadian Quilter's Association, of which I am a member. Trend Tex Fabrics donates the prints and a new theme is determined each year. This year it's "The Sky's The Limit". Each participant receives 5 Fat Quarters to create their masterpiece. The fabrics this year are Dreams by RJR Fabrics, Flights of Fancy by Michael Miller, Bali Handpaints by Hoffman, Quilter's Basics by Stof, and Willow by McKenna Ryan. This will be 10 years or so that I have been participating in this challenge, and it's always an enjoyable stretch to work with fabrics I would not necessarily have put together on my own. There are two projects yet in my workroom needing finishing before I can start, but I will work away on this in my head. Deadline for the completed pieces is March. Quilt Canada, the national conference of the Canadian Quilter's Association, is being held this year in Calgary. More information on the event may be found on the CQA website.


  1. This would be a big challenge for me. Good luck. I am sure you will create something beautiful!

  2. Oh Karen do show, when you get it done. I have no doubt it will be super!