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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 off and running!

The year is off to a good start, including getting that wretched Christmas tree out of the house. I was not a bit sorry to see it leave. Sadly, the tree never quite recovered from the tumble it took, and I think Santa was generous in his gift giving out of pity when he saw that tree... It has now been put to a much better use, as hubby has installed it outside on the deck near the bird feeders. We have done this for 20 years or so, after discovering that the birds enjoy it so much. The small ones hide in its branches, and the traffic to the feeders increases significantly after the tree goes up. Already the Northern Flicker (above) has become a regular visitor.
There were some "quilty" gifts to be found under that Christmas tree, including this lovely pendant made by Patternworks, in Chester, Nova Scotia. Another interesting thing I received is this Bird's Eye Maple letter opener, which has been drafted into service in my sewing room. It will make a dandy point turner. Bird's Eye Maple is my favourite wood.
With the project for Quilter's Connection shipped off, I have already started playing with some fabric for the next quilt. Here's a sneak peek:
Progress on the socks has been unusually good (an indicator of how much hockey I am watching...) The stitches are ready to be picked up along the side of the heel on the second flax one. I am guessing not much knitting will get done this evening, as Canada is playing the U.S. for the Gold Cup in the IHF World Juniors and I will be paying close attention.
eh oh canada go :)


  1. OH I can't wait to get my Quilter's Connection issue with your project in it.
    That machine looks good! Another girl friend blogger Anne from seizetheday just bought one.

  2. Thank-you so much for taking the time to leave a message on my blog (my first)!
    The socks are knit the way you knit your socks, circular. I posted on my blog about it today, thanks for the idea. Please check it out.
    I wanted to thank-you for the idea for the tree skirt that I made. I was inspired by you!

  3. Too bad about the hockey game last night.

    I wish you wouldn't show your sock knitting. :) It's calling me to knit. I have too many things on the go.... You know, I do have a ball or two of sock yarn. I bet if I started a pair, I could have them knit in no time, then it would be out of my system!! I like the look of those socks. What pattern do you use?

  4. What good luck to have a N. Flicker visit you! We had many birds at our feeder over most of the summer, but after returning from 5 weeks' vacation in Sept., and finally getting the feeder up before Christmas, we're finding the birds are ignoring us! Serves us right, I guess.
    Wondering if your Bernina has a built-in free-motion quilting system? I have a Husqvarna that is several years old, but the new free-motion quilting attachment for it is over $1000!
    Enjoying your blog, Karen.
    from "another Karen" in London, Ont.

  5. Hi, Karen from London: Yes, the Bernina 440 QE comes with the BSR Stitch Regulator. It's awesome! I checked their website, and it shows 2 dealers in London. You could drop in and see how it works in person. I am liking this machine a lot; today it made perfect buttonholes. Everything I make in the next bit is going to have a buttonhole in it :)
    As for the birds...we are not seeing nearly as many as in past winters either, and still no sign of the cardinals...