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Friday, 29 January 2010

Snow Day Sewing

For the very first time this year, we got to hear Dave March speak those words which strike glee into the hearts of our school children (and terror into the hearts of some parents!): "Because of the snow, all schools in Cumberland County are closed today." This is in sharp contrast to the gorgeous, sunny skies enjoyed yesterday with a carload of quilters on a mini shop tour on Prince Edward Island. We hit Charlottetown first and spent considerable time there before heading off across the island in search of more fabric. My purchases were modest compared to some others (you know who you are *-) but by day's end, I had added these lovelies to my stash. The first 4 on the left are from a new Canadian Cottage line by Robin Pandolph. I love the maple leaves in the print, as well as other motifs buried among the roses, such as crowns and fleur-de-lis. The bottom fabric contains words from "O Canada". It has a feel reminiscent of "Dominion of Canada" days. The top two fabrics are not part of this collection. The blue-green batik was calling me to take it home to include in the Farrago piece I am doing in that colourway. It fit so perfectly that I ripped my finished blocks apart and took off the top bands which were in a bluer tone. I am in the process now of replacing them with this batik. Hope I bought would be awful to have to go back again (not!)
Today will be a cosy inside one, sewing on Farrago while watching a movie. I am also working away at a small project for Valentine's which I will post as a tutorial in the next few days. Keep checking back.


  1. Wow!! That batik from PEI is awesome. It certainly was the one. Great choice.

  2. WOW! How lucky you are, two great days in a row, and in the right order! The fabric is great.

  3. I love those fabrics I wish that some shop in NS was carrying the line. I hate to have to go to ChT to purchase it in winter weather.

    Sounds as if you had a good road trip yesterday.

  4. The PEI fabric is definitely a perfect "fit" for your Farrago. I can hardly wait to see it completed. Lucy

  5. I'm hoping for some snow day sewing tomorrow, but looks like it will be ice, so the power may be out!