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Monday 28 December 2009

World Cup Knitting

During the holidays is the time the World Cup Jr.'s are played (hockey) and this year they are being held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We all watch, and it's great opportunity to get in some knitting on my socks. I am a very slow knitter and do not accomplish many pairs in the run of a year but I always figure it gives me something to show for time spent in waiting rooms, or in front of the T.V. Plus, we all love the wool socks! Here's a pair which I made for my sister Nancy for Christmas:
My knitting strategy is to keep two socks on the go at the same time and to make sure at least one of them is in the "mindless" section of straight knitting so that it can easily be transported without pattern book or counters. Last night I finished up one sock and have its mate ready to turn the heel. Because this takes a bit of quiet and concentration, I started a new pair on the spare needles. When I have peace and quiet, I will get the heel turned on the flax sock, and no doubt by the time I am on the straight part of the foot, the natural one will be ready to have the heel work done.
It's a system that works for me.
Found these pictures on my camera card and figured I might as well share them. It's a couple more of the Diamond Chips projects from an earlier tutorial. If you are on my gift list, you may have found one of these tucked in your package :)


  1. I can't tell you how many balls of sock yarn that I've bought with great intentions of knitting some socks. I can't tell you how many balls of sock yarn that I've given away because I knew I wouldn't do it. :) I now have 2 balls of self patterning sock yarn. I have had them for 2 years. What do you think the chances are that I'll ever make these socks?.

    But I love your plain colored socks, especially the red ones.

  2. Take it from me and my feet..nothing beats a pair of home made socks. I love that they are custom made and fit so well.
    Thank you Karen, from the bottom of my feet for these wonderful socks.
    Love Twinkle Toes :))

  3. I love making socks too, they are wonderful to wear. Recently I started making socks with one long circular needle, making both socks at the same time, it is a huge time saver and they come out identical
    Thanks for the great blog and wonderful ideas.

  4. I love your sock strategy, Karen. I think I'll have to start doing that too. I also knit in the car -- mostly when someone else is driving.