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Sunday, 6 December 2009

First Nova Scotia Snowfall 09

Old Man Winter left his calling card this morning in the form of a heavy snowfall. We awoke without power so, like true Canadians, headed out in the 4 x 4 to Tim's for coffee. As you can see, they were a very busy spot!
Isn't the snow pretty?
The storm caused a bit of disruption, and the Christmas band concerts at the high school were cancelled for this afternoon and evening. Disappointing not to have a chance to hear that spectacular drummer perform. Luckily our power was restored fairly quickly, unlike others in the county whom we understand are still without.

And so it begins...


  1. Wow you really got a dumping of snow.. Just a slight sprinkling of wet snow here which is all gone at the moment. Good day for stitching or listening to Christmas music or both

  2. The pretty pictures...Oh I am a little jealous and I know I will regret saying this in February... We had very wet snow which didn't stay on the ground at all.
    I am a snow fan... especially in December. I talked to Simone and they had snow as well.....