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Monday, 21 December 2009

Readying For Christmas

We're just about there. The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the tree is up and the baking has started. It smells like Christmas. (Never mind the tree fell over and some of the cookies burned - that's all part of the Christmas memories!) These dear skates in the picture above were carved of wood by my brother-in-law, Ralph. One pair is for us to keep, and one to give. I love them, and know that he spent many hours on the details...just as we do on our quilts.
The Christmas lights around Amherst are stunning; I am particuly awed by Victoria Square this year. The lights woven through the trees create a spectacular canopy. The holly bushes in the backyard are laden with berries, although today they are not as visible as last week when this picture was taken. We enjoyed some snow overnight and are still receiving a bit more. It looks like Christmas.The Christmas Bird Count was tallied one day last week. Normally our cardinals have returned from their summer vacation in time to be included in the count, but we have yet to see them this year. So far it has only been Bluejays, Starlings, Mourning Doves and Chickadees at the feeders. Perhaps today's snow will signal the cardinals to settle in for the winter. The bees are wrapped like presents without bows for the cold season ahead. It feels like Christmas.

School is finished and many students are returning home from university for the holidays. It's great to hear the laughter and see how everyone has grown and changed. It sounds like Christmas.

From my family to yours, our wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


  1. I love the smell of Christmas baking!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy new Year!

  2. Hand Crafted skates...well those are so sweet. I rememeber when my skates had fur around the tops of them. Brings back memories of skating on any piece of ice we could find.
    These skates would look cute hung on a wreath with a hat and mittens.

  3. The skates are beautiful & bring back fond memories of the many fresh, crisp hours we sent on the 'Frog Pond" just below Townsend Ave, with our new skates. Almost on the same spot where we have found our new home. May you & yours have a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy, Healthy & Properous New Year. Our only grandchild, Shion, arrives tomorrow to spend the holiday season. Life is good. Enjoy!!!!!
    Mary in Montreal

  4. Those skates are so sweet. What a nice decoration. Merry Christmas.

  5. Those skates are just darling. I wish I had a pair!