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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cumberland Quilt Guild Christmas Party

This morning I awoke with tiny, round bruises on the inside of both knees…which, upon closer scrutiny, looked suspiciously thimble shaped. Hmmm…I wonder…could they be from some of the shenanigans at last night’s Cumberland Quilt Guild’s Christmas party? What an evening! Guild President Debbie (who, by the way, sports a nametag which reads “Supreme Commander”) led us through a wonderful time of scrumptious food, fun games, and an incredible Show & Tell display. Despite a brief “alarming” moment (!) the evening was fun from start to finish. For the games, I was lucky enough to be on a keen team of competitors and we kicked butt in the needle threading challenge, as well as the carry-the-thimble-on-the-back-of-the-spoon relay race. We fared poorly, however, when we were required to use our knees as transport for that darned thimble. Such a maneuver requires intense training which we obviously lacked (thus the bruises).
The Show & Tell portion of the evening was fabulous, including the results of a Christmas Nine Patch challenge in which the members participated this fall. We also got to see the completed pieces from the Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend workshop in October. Stay tuned for pictures shortly – they’re gorgeous! Show & Tell continued with members displaying their first quilting project, some dating back many years.
The evening closed with the exchange of gifts and I was surprised and humbled to receive a gift certificate for Dayle’s from the Guild. I know in which department this will be spent! I also received a very dangerous looking tattoo which reads “Born To Quilt” which I will be sporting next year at Fibre Festival. Although I am not a member of this guild, I certainly appreciate the friendship and feeling of inclusion extended to me throughout the year by this very lively and spirited group. Thanks for a wonderful evening, ladies!

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  1. We so enjoyed having you attend our festive event! And everyone was very proud of the Diamonds project as they should be!!!! For next years party we need you to brush up your skills on the thimble between the knees race......
    Happy Holidays,
    Supreme Commander