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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sussex Vale Quilter's Guild

Wow - look at all these presents; Santa would be pleased to see this!
Judy Steeves sent along this picture of the results of a November 24th sew-in held by the Sussex Vale (New Brunswick) Quilters’ Guild. Twenty two quilters spent the day piecing these projects…3 of them over 90 years of age, and some past 80. Judy led the session with a mock up of the directions from my blog tutorial posted step-by-step on a large piece of Styrofoam. The completed projects you see here were shown at the Guild's annual Christmas luncheon. I love to see all these colourful "gifts" spread out on the table. Don't those black and white ones stand out?
Judy mentioned that instead of binding one of hers, she "birthed" it (sewed the back to the front around the outside edges and turned to the right side through an opening in the seam.) This is a quick and easy finish for those who don't care to fuss with binding. Judy also mentions that she sewed a snap in place under the bow so that it can easily be removed. These are both great suggestions.
Chances are if you live in Sussex and know a quilter, one of these will be under your tree this year.


  1. WOW!!!My eyes couldn't take it all on when i saw this picture.!! What a great way for these ladies to spend time together and each one is different. They are all just beautiful and have really inspired me to make some.
    Seeing the potholders laid out like this , I think maybe I can see a quilt in the making.
    Good job ladies on this wonderful display .

  2. Where could I get the pattern for these? They are stunning. Shelby

  3. Hi, Shelby: Scroll back through the posts on this blog and you will find the tutorial posted on Ocotber 25th. Please respect copyright laws and contact me for permission if you are making these to sell. You are very welcome to share the link to this blog with others, as long as you credit me with the design.

  4. That is amazing.. I hope I will be making Karen's Christmas Gifts at age 90 . I have plans to be making them at 80 LOL
    They are all beautiful. I am making them by the dozen also as this is what my hostess gift is this year!

  5. Just clicked onto your site and was mesmerized. Your patterns are so beautiful. I hope to make at least one of them after the holidays.