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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Krakow Farrago...with dots.

Day one of the NS Fibre Arts Festival is over and what a day it was - more like 2 or 3 rolled into one! Early this afternoon I attended a mini-workshop with Laurie Swim, where she demonstrated some of the techniques she uses in her work. We each had opportunity to work on three different samples and they were all a lot of fun. Knit & Stitch from New Minas supplied Janome sewing machines; it was wonderful not to have to lug a machine. The opening reception this evening at Tantramar Theatre on Victoria Street was lovely. There were several displays set up, words of welcome from town dignitaries and the Fibre Arts Festival committee, as well as tons of food and refreshments. There was a good crowd in attendance, including these lovely ladies who are gearing up for the Diamonds workshop.
And speaking of Diamonds...the piece they are examining contains 24 diamond shaped blocks. This is "Farrago": an assortment or a medley; a conglomeration; a confused mixture. Well named, don't you think? It is pieced from a fabric line designed by Mark Lipinski named Krakow. Dayle's ordered it in especially for the Festival and my quilt was designed to showcase the dramatic red and black prints.
The pattern is available for $12.95 ; something new this time are packages of pre-printed tear-away paper foundations at a cost of $8.00 for 24 foundations, which is enough to complete the quilt. Farrago measures 41-1/2" across, and makes a stunning accent on a wall or table; it's an eye-popper! Pattern and foundations are available from Dayle's or directly from me. The checkout page on my website has not been updated as yet to include the patter, but if you would like to order online let me know and I can email an invoice where you can pay with a credit card. Farrago is shown here photographed against the quarry stones of the First Baptist Church in Amherst, where the diamond workshops will be held...the first in a very few short hours.


  1. Wow! I'm drooling over that pattern♥♥♥
    Wishing time away is not my usual practice but I am looking forward to Friday...
    Happy Fibre Arts Festival!

  2. What a fabulous idea to have the foundations available with the pattern. Sure saves time and expense and you're all ready to go! How convenient is that !! Way to go Karen. Have fun at the festival.

  3. The wait was definiely worth it. Stunning! I love the fabric especially. Dramatic to say the least. I think I will finish my Maritime Beauty before i dare think about another project. Guess who from NB? Lucy
    (i am still working on it so don't abandon me yet)

  4. Wow! That is simply stunning, I can't imagine how you came up with this. I am planning a trip to Amherst on Saturday to stop in to see it in person.
    Grace (NB)