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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fibre Arts Festival: Thursday

Today I was able to view several of the Fibre Art exhibits around Amherst. My first stop was at the Home Furniture Store on Lawrence Street, where quilts by Bobbins & Baymist Quilters were on display. There were also a great many hooked pieces there by Vera and Trina McInnis. Next, I crossed over to Dayle's Department Store to catch Vera demonstrating her exquisite crazy-quilting. Here she is ruching a length of ribbon which she will use to embellish one of the squares on her quilt. All of Vera's work is meticulously done by hand.
There are lots of fibre enthusiasts in town this week and Vera was attracting quite a crowd of onlookers interested in seeing her work.

They were all beautiful, but if I had to pick a would be this fan quilt. The contrast in colours and sharp crispness of the blades appeal to my eye.
I also spotted "Farrago" hanging high-up in the fabric department.
Tomorrow after my last workshop is finished, I plan to take in the quilt shows at both the Baptist and Anglican Churches and then the Zonta Bazaar at Tantramar Theatre. There is so much to see around town and I don't want to miss any of it!

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