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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned...

...and at the same time, Karen worked diligently on her silk Log Cabin quilt, blissfully unaware of the storm raging outside...until she heard the commotion of the birds beneath her window and realized the feeders were empty.
The amount of snow down is unbelievable - there must have been 2 feet on the doorstep when I took out the birdseed. No wonder our schools were cancelled today.
By mid-morning, 30 blocks were completed and sewn together in 6 rows of 5. I have decided this is large enough, and will work away now on determining how the border should go.
First, the driveway...


  1. That looks lovely Karen! We totally missed the storm here in Fredericton, but we still have lots on the ground- at least 3-4'.

  2. Karen those blocks are wonderful. The colours are so vibrant.
    We didn't get the snow the rest of the province did, and today some of it was melting. Be careful shoveling, it will probably all be gone by the weekend.