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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival

The Festival begins!
The schedule for this very busy week is posted on the Festival website. For me, today will include the final packing up for the workshops and attending a session with amazing quilter Laurie Swim this afternoon. It will be a thrill to see her beautiful works of art in person. After that is set-up for the first workshop and the display for tonight's signing of Canadian Heritage Quilting at the official opening reception. This will be held at Tantramar Theatre from 7-8:30. At this display, I will unveil the new piece I designed with the special fabric which Dayle's Department Store brought in just for the Festival. No hints, except to say it's a wild one! I'll show you tomorrow, when the piece goes on display at Dayle's for the duration of the Festival. Hope to see you tonight!


  1. I shall be there Karen. My homework for tomorrow is complete. Hopefully there is enough contrast in my fabric choices. I will be in town early enough to check out all that new fabric at Dayle's. CIAO!

  2. Would love to be there tonight but it will have to wait till Friday for my book signing....