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Monday, 12 October 2009

Giving Thanks

After a few whirlwind weeks of preparing for the Fibre Arts Festival, it was wonderful to stop this weekend and reconnect with family and friends and all the things that make our lives worthwhile. Part of our travels to be with family took us through the beautiful Wentworth Valley in Nova Scotia, an area renowned for its spectacular displays of fall foliage. Every Thanksgiving weekend, the chair lift at Ski Wentworth operates to allow visitors access to the top of the hill, a terrific vantage point for viewing fall leaves. The parking lot was full and the cars were lined back to the road.
Here's some of what folks would see:
Lots of oranges and yellows, but not many deep reds as yet. Those will come soon enough.
Further along on the Shore Road in Masstown, we visited a pumpkin U-Pick operation. Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like pumpkins, and they dotted this field as far as the eye could see.

I gave a special word of thanks for not dropping the pumpkin pie this year...which I have done twice in the past. I'd like to think the jinx is broken, but I will continue to make two for the annual dinner... just in case. Never hurts to have back-up.

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