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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Diamonds Workshop - Wed

Here's today's group hard at work in the Ralston Room of the First Baptist Church of Amherst. It's a great space, and it was so terrific to work with such an eager, enthusiastic group. They even paid rapt attention to the application of Pythagoras' C2 -B2 = A 2 theory on finding the height of an equilateral triangle. Well...maybe not "rapt" attention... but that glazed look in Sharon's eyes had a certain politeness about it. That counts. Mary from Montreal, one of the class participants, surprised me with a very thoughtful gift she had made just for me. Not only is this set of table mats stitched from selvedges, they are sewn around a centre of bee print fabric. Aren't they lovely? I am touched by her thoughtfulness, to say the least, although I suspect that Mary makes a habit of doing kind and thoughtful things. I first met Mary last evening at the Festival's opening reception. She had a display on Victoria's Quilts Canada (VQC), a national non-profit organization which provides home-made quilts to comfort folks with cancer. Mary is spreading the word on VQC, hoping to encourage local quilters to establish a VQC branch in N.S.
Mary's mats are pictured here with a gift from another quilter; Janet saw this bee skep and honey dipper last year and immediately thought of me.
Friday will be the second and last presentation of this workshop. Reporters from The Amherst Daily News dropped by the class so if you are a local, check the paper tomorrow to possibly catch a glimpse of what we were up to today. This teacher certainly enjoyed her apple, which she ate on the drive home :)


  1. Hey Teach!!! Forst let me say a big ol' THANKS for the fun day we had today. I am ALMOST finished......but it will be done at the end of the sew in tomorrow. My center is all together and I am half way finished the horizontal diamonds. As for the math lesson..............LOL. I will continue to use a ruler. ;)
    May I say....I love your lace tablecloth. It is my favorite pattern. I have completed it once and have another in the works. A 10 year matathon perhaps.
    Thanks again are amazing!

  2. Thanks so much for your nice words, Chris. That gorgeous tablecloth is a special treasure, made by my sister Nancy for our wedding present 25 years ago. I recall she stayed up all night before the big day as she was determined to have it finished on time. We bought the dining room table to fit it.
    Really hope you have a productive time at the sew-in today and look forward to seeing your finished diamonds!