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Friday, 16 October 2009

Diamonds Workshop: Friday

Yesterday was the final presentation of the Fibre Arts Festival "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend". The day got off to a great start with this surprise gift of selvedges! These came from Joan who joined us from Saulnierville, N.S. This was the first time I had met Joan in person, although we have been enjoying each other's blogs for some time now. You can visit Joan's blog here (but give her time to get home to post about her visit to Amherst - that's a long drive!) Joan's sister Simone is also a quilter and she travelled from Antigonish to join Joan for the Fibre Arts Festival .
We had a fabulous day of sewing together. The Ralston Room of First Baptist Church was pretty much at capacity, and the air was filled with the hum of machines...or at least it was until we overloaded the circuits and lost power on the right side of the room! That issue was very quickly remedied. However, apparently the competitive bunch of quilters on the left side of the room took it as a challenge and stepped up their production, thus blowing out the left side of the room as well...over, and over and over again! The clever caretaker solved the problem once and for all, and work resumed uninterrupted from that point forward. It was a wonderful, eclectic group of both new and seasoned quilters from around the Maritimes. Peter, from Mahone Bay, is fairly new to quilting but rotary cut the 60 degree angles like a veteran.
It's always fun to see fabric choices, and Brenda - another from Antigonish - wowed us with these. We are all looking forward to seeing Brenda's finished piece.
Upstairs, the Cumberland Quilt Guild had a magnificent showing of quilts hung in the sanctuary. Throughout the day visitors to that exhibit dropped in to see our progress. Included among those was Sharon who came to show us her finished top from Wednesday's workshop. Isn't it gorgeous? That's Sharon's hand you see at the top, and Patricia from Sackville on the right.
After the workshop ended, I visited the quilt show upstairs, which was every bit as spectacular as last year. Then I headed over to take in the Zonta Bazaar being held at Tantramar Theatre. It was a busy spot of vendors and shoppers. As I knew The Bernina Lady was going to be there, I took along some silk, silk thread and a fine needle to see how the Bernina would handle it. As expected, it sewed perfectly. (Santa, are you listening?)
Later I will post some pictures of the samples I sewed for the workshop. Today is the final day of festivities, and I will be at Dayle's Department Store from 2-4 pm with a display of quilts. If you are in the area, please drop in to say hi.


  1. Thank You soooo much Karen.. You are an amazing teacher... You were the topic of conversation all the way to Truro...(Where Simone and I separated) We'd like to adopt you ???? We both enjoyed the workshop so much♥♥♥ I haven't gotten back to my project but I was tempted to leave all the unpacking for later and sit at that machine...Amherst people and the Fibre Festival were great and we will be back!
    Thank You...Thank You....Thank You

  2. great day!
    relaxed sewing good method instruction !
    Thank you ,Carol Walton