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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Aurifil Train Case

Behold...the ultimate in Aurifil thread collections.  You will be the envy of everyone at your next quilt retreat when you arrive with this!  This special, limited edition, train case comes filled with 24 large (1300 m) spools of 50 weight Aurifil cotton Mako thread. This weight is perfect for both piecing and quilting.
 The inside of the case has pockets to hold small items like seam rippers, needles, etc.
The case itself is built to last, made of a heavyweight napped fabric, with a double-ended heavy-duty zipper.
Inside are two spooled trays which lock together to hold your thread securely for transport.  

Colours included are: 1114 Grass Green;1135 Pale Yellow;1148 Light Jade;1154 Dusty Orange;2000 Light Sand;2021 Natural White;2024 White;2110 Light Lemon;2250 Red;2310 Light Beige;2314 Beige;2326 Sand;2340 Café au Lait;2360 Chocolate;2423 Baby Pink;2479 Medium Orchid;2520 Violet;2600 Dove;2605 Grey;2610 Light Blue Grey;2692 Black;2715 Robins Egg;2740 Dark Cobalt;2870 Green

I love mine :)  Click here to order yours!

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  1. Oh, my, that looks delightful. It is certainly classier than the ziplock bag my thread travels in.