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Monday, 8 January 2018

Snow and Sew

Between the snowstorms and the freezing temperatures, it's been a week of stay-inside-and-sew weather. I've put the time to good use, stitching up an overflowing box of scraps into some very pretty blocks.  The credit for this quilt goes to Darlene D'Eon, who owns A Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop in Digby, Nova Scotia.  Each year, Darlene comes up with a one block a week challenge, for 52 weeks, the idea being that at the end of the year you have a quilt top without a whole lot of concentrated effort.  This year's blocks are a 5-patch and a snowball. (That's not a dark spot on the fabric at left, by the way...that's a shadow from the handle on the end of my sewing table.)
Once I start anything, it's hard to stop.  Lots of folks are starters, but I am a finisher.  This is why I have no UFO's!  By my count...less than a week in, I am up to about week 74 on the 52 week challenge... :)  The blocks finish at 7-1/2", which means each small square measure 1-1/2".
So far, I have enough blocks for a 7 x 10 layout,  but think I will continue for a 9 x 11. Border decisions will come later.
Despite making all these blocks, the scrap box looks just as full as when I started.  How is this possible...?


  1. Beautiful Karen! Of course I LOVE the blues...

  2. Wow!!! Now what will you do for the other 51 weeks? At this rate you will be into 2020 in no time at all!!

  3. It is a rule of scrap boxes, that the scraps multiply at night.
    Your quilt top looks amazing.

  4. It will be a beautiful quilt! (Still can't believe you haven't got a UFO somewhere!)

  5. You over-achiever, you! Teacher's pet! I love your quilt, it's gorgeous......are you planning to quilt snow crystals in the snowball blocks?

  6. I had to snow and Sew, I mow and Sew. (I don’t do snow as we know! Loving your blocks. It will make a beautiful quilt!