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Monday, 29 January 2018

A "Small" Diversion

Yesterday, I took a break from quilting to make some Barbie doll clothes for a young niece with a pending birthday. Part of me was hesitant to do this, as I remembered from past experience that the sewing of these small garments is very fiddly. I was pleasantly surprised at how my quilting skills made this task much easier.  I started with something which didn't need to be fitted - a hooded cape. The 1/4" quilting foot was perfect for the seam allowance.  I made the red one first, out of velveteen, then decided that a washable cotton would be more practical, since apparently Barbie likes to go in the bath often.  Michael Miller's "Fairy Frost"in gold, leftover from a quilted wallhanging, seemed a perfect choice as the glitter is very glamourous.
The gold cape has a velcro closure at the neck...and since I might just have to keep that red one here with me for a couple of years (!!!), it will have a small hook and eye.  Notice that there are even arm slits cut in the seams of the cape.

Life is not all glamour, and Barbie needed a casual outfit too, so here she is in slimming stripes, and black pants. Again, both pieces close with velcro.
Next up, I tacked a pair of jeans.  From my extensive thread stash, I found actual blue jean thread, which I used to topstitch the hems, and fly.
Turning the skinny legs on the jeans was the tricky part.  I enlisted the help of a small wooden stick I use for turning the edges of appliqué. It did the trick.
How cute as these? :)

I decided to wait before I make any more to try these on the recipient's Barbie, as I understand that Barbie's shape has changed somewhat since the 60's, and my dolls are a bit thinner than the current models. There will probably be another red cape made to replace this one, perhaps of red fleece.
This was fun.  I may have discovered a new hobby. :)


  1. Barbie looks very flash in her new clothes, doesn't she! Well done......they would be very fiddly-diddly to make.

  2. I remember making dolls' clothes!!! So small, fiddly tiny seams, you have conquered it all!!! Love the capes, so easy for tiny fingers to dress her Barbie.

  3. I think Barbie is ready for the red carpet. This is awards season, so I am sure she will have a lot of places to wear it.

  4. cute! And now, Barbie is officially better dressed than I am! :)