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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Has It Really Been 52 Weeks Since Jan. 2?

The scrappy 5-patch and snowball blocks are all sewn.  I have failed the 52 week challenge miserably, as I knew I would (and apparently others have too - right, Jeanne Kaye? :))  These blocks are a sew-along with A Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop in Digby, and the challenge was to sew one block a week for 52 weeks, using scraps from your stash.
The blocks went together quickly and easily, barely making a dent in the scraps.  I did have to purchase 3 Fat Quarters of cream as I didn't have enough 8" squares for the snowball centres. 
I drew up the design in EQ8 and decided that I wanted a 5-patch in each corner.  An 11 x 11 layout makes the top 82-1/2" square, before borders. That sounded like a good size. I laid out the blocks on the bed, spacing my darker creams and pure whites across the top. Then I picked up the blocks in rows and labelled each row.

We had a bit of snow overnight, so I took it outside this morning for a picture.  I wasn't terribly the sheet of clear plastic I use under my quilts stiffened up and buckled in the cold, refusing to lay flat.
 For once, the lumps and bumps under the quilt are not Polly (her feet got cold and she went inside.)
 Those lovely plain spaces are just begging for pretty quilting.  I keep seeing feathered wreaths. :).
I will set this quilt aside for a bit and decide what it needs for borders.  I've never made a square bed quilt before, and not sure I will like it.  I may end up making two more rows of blocks, and leaving a border off all together...although a plain border would look great quilted with a big, winding feather.   
 A traditional quilt needs feathers, right? :)


  1. It's beautiful Karen. Maybe you will check out those scrap bins, and find another colour that begs to be used. I finally have my first four challenge blocks done.

  2. It is absolutely lovely, Karen. And the blues and whites are perfect in a snowy setting. Jeanne Kaye

  3. Feathers, yes, of course you should quilt feathers. I love the look of feathers, though I have never taken the time to master them. Stay warm!

  4. Beautiful. Truly beautiful. I love feathers, so definitely feathers.

  5. So pretty! Blue and white is a lovely combination. Will it bother you to have it sit unfinished while you decide on a quilting design? (I know you're a committed finisher.)

  6. Or gorgeous is that! I like square quilts, many of mine are square. That's how my brain seems to work.

  7. It is beautiful! I’d be more inclined to add the two more rows and leave the border off. I only like borders on quilts that have lattice. Enjoy that snow! We don’t have the snow, but we are experiencing the freezing temperatures! Yuck!