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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

String Workshop Sample X

I have been working steadily on samples for two new fall workshops. Earlier, I showed you these blue and white string blocks in progress.  I decided 48 of these 8" blocks would be enough for a lap quilt.
Polly and I pondered how to set them together, and it suddenly struck us that using the same layout as for my son's Log Cabin "X" quilt would be perfect. String blocks are SO much less work than log cabins, with no seam matching or need to keep the block true; the foundation paper does that for you.
When I opened the folder of pictures of the log cabin quilt, I had a smile over how much Polly has grown since we made that first X quilt.  She looks so scrawny!
Here's the log cabin version:
 Here are the string blocks in the same layout (although the quilt is turned sideways in the photo).
This is the string quilt on top of the log cabin.  The blocks for the latter were 12" instead of 8". 
I think this is a great way to show off the power of the lowly string block;  it imitates a log cabin nicely, and works beautifully in traditional settings such as barn raising, or straight furrows. There are a couple of spots left in this Beginner String Quilt Workshop to be held Wednesday October 12 during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival. Just email if you would like a spot saved.
Although I am not big on plain borders, I may add one to this lap quilt, just to flesh it out a bit. It will be feather quilted, as per the original.


  1. Love those rich blues with the white, and as for Polly, she is the star today.They do grow so fast.

  2. What an interesting comparison of your two quilts, Karen! Polly, you were unbelievably cute when you were little, and you are still gorgeous.

  3. It very striking, Karen! I've only made one string quilt....well, I have a second one started down in Tx. Someday it may get finished! The first one came out beautiful, though. Hope your class fills. I know it will be a lot of fun! XO