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Thursday, 7 July 2016

All That Glitters

It was SO hard to get a picture that did this fabric justice.  It's amazing.It's from Timeless Treasures, and features gold embossed Eiffel Towers on solid black.  Wow!
I decided a zippered pouch was a good use for this gorgeous fabric.  There may be enough to make one more, and I will take them along to the Zonta Bazaar at Fibre Arts Festival.


  1. So very pretty, Karen! Good luck at the bazaar this year. I won't be making the trip down but I sure had lots of fun last year. I'm glad I went because now I can picture it all when you post about it. XO

  2. How sumptuous is that fabric! I'm sure it won't stay unsold for long.

  3. Love the fabric! Saw the Tower in 1969 and 2010 -- beautiful. Did the fabric come from Mrs P's? Jeanne Kaye

    1. Hi, Jeanne Kaye: Lucky you! Yes, it came from Mrs Pugsley's Emporium - where else? :)

  4. Superb use of that glitter, and the tower, it suits your bag so well.

  5. I really like this choice Karen. The fabric is rich and a bit mysterious.