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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tea Cozy

Last week, on a visit to Mrs Pugsley's Emporium,some glittery gold fabric caught my magpie eye.There were three pieces, actually, that I couldn't leave the store without, even though I had no immediate plans - or vision - for their use.  Though these two are from different manufacturers, they coordinate beautifully.  The purple leaf is "Dynasty"by Timesless Treasures, and the to-die-for print is Robert Kaufman's "Holiday Flourish".Purple doesn't exactly define the holidays for me, it was the richness of the print I couldn't resist. I don't think it looks Christmassy at all.
It paired beautifully with Aurifil 2582 which I had on hand, so it was time to start the fun.
Because it reminded me of china, I decided to make a tea cozy. (Not everyone makes their tea in a mug :))
It`s a very feminine cozy, with ruffles and ribbon bows.

It`s completely reversible to the purple side.
The cozy slips easily on and off the teapot, and the ribbon snugs it up around the rim to hold the lid on while you pour.
To be honest, before I cut into that gorgeous fabric, I did a test run to make sure this was going to turn out the way I pictured..
It`s cute too!
I love stripes and florals together!
I will be vending at the Zonta Bazaar again during Fibre Ars Festival this year, and I expect a couple of these will make their way to my booth.  In the next post, I`ll show you the third piece of glittery fabric, and what it turned into.


  1. Too gorgeous to even get a tiny drop spilt on it . Fabulous fabric, no wonder it came home with you.

  2. I love a tea cozy. These are just so ruffly cute!!!

  3. How gorgeous are these cozies......almost (but not quite) enough to turn me into a tree drinker!

  4. Gorgeous!!! (Thank you for not naming me as the mug-maker-of-tea!)

  5. When I look at these cozies, I see mugs of tea, and our grandma's biscuits at the kitchen table. Well I guess the very regal purple may not have been in evidence in a coal miner's kitchen, but the stripes with florals would definitely have been a possibility for my Irish grandmother.