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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Diane's Joseph's Coat

I'm happy to share a picture of Diane Biscoe's "Joseph's Coat" quilt. Diane made this as a surprise for a Bible study leader, whose favourite story is that of Joseph.She really put a lot of thought into fabric choice, and colour placement. I love how she outlined the coat in red;  it really accentuates the shape of the patchwork.  Diane writes, "I did the border in blue stars to represent the dreams and then bound it in gold. The recipient loved it! So glad I found the pattern." 
It looks vastly different from my original!
As Diane had a very short time in which to complete her quilt, being able to download the pattern
 was a bonus.  You can find the pattern here, at Craftsy. 
Thank you, Diane, for sharing your talents!


  1. Diane's version is very nice. I love her colour choices.

  2. Different, indeed......well done, Diane!

  3. Nice job! Gotta love pattern downloads by Craftsy. No waiting when your itching to start stitching!