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Thursday 2 June 2016

Jeanne Kaye strikes again!

Jeanne Kaye Speight of Fredericton has done it again - another Quilt of Learning.  Using fruit fabric adds another element to the teaching aspect.  How clever!  (Nate seems to think so, too!)
Jeanne Kaye writes, "This quilt is for a friend who is an elementary school teacher for her classroom.  I used all fruit, and where possible, placed the fabric to match the letters, a for apples, b for bananas, c for cherries, etc. I love this pattern!  I already have my next one planned!"

Look how much Jeanne's grandson Nate has grown since his quilt was made (That's Nate on the left, and cousin Ryan on the right...who also got a quilt.)
You can find the mail-out pattern on my website here, and a pdf format for instant download at this link.   Thanks, Jeanne Kaye;  can't wait to see the next one!


  1. Love Jeanne Kaye's idea of using fruit fabrics to match the letters.......that's clever!

  2. She's so clever! It's beautiful! So are those babies! XO

  3. I am the very very lucky friend who received this quilt! I have to say, I can't promise it will make it to my classroom... It's so gorgeous it might have to live at my house. My four year old loves it!

    1. Wonderful to hear that the quilt is so appreciated - it makes all the time and effort invested worthwhile!