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Wednesday 8 June 2016

A Taxing Surprise

We've had a rainy few days, which has been a much needed break from gardening. I took advantage of the weather to sew string blocks for the beginner workshop I will be presenting during this year's Fibre Arts Festival. 
I've mentioned before that I often use pages from old telephone books as foundations, as they are thin and tear away easily after piecing...(plus they please my frugal heart!)  However, in today's online world, telephone books are becoming smaller, and scarcer.  I've been canvassing my neighbours -unsuccessfully to date- for old Aliant books to make sure there are enough on hand for the fall workshop. (Someone must have a stash somewhere...?)
Imagine my delight when my very resourceful hubby plopped these down on my cutting table:
The tax forms from Revenue Canada are printed on newsprint!  I tore into them right away to see how they performed.
 (I even learned a thing or two as I worked!)
The pages came away very cleanly and easily after stitching.  The newsprint is actually a bit thicker than the phone book, and felt more stable when sewing.
There are 26 usable pages in the Forms booklet (the T1 itself is too thick to use, but the Schedules are great), and 40 pages in the General Income Tax and Benefit Guide.  Using both books, you have enough foundations for 66, 8" blocks, yielding a quilt 56" x 72". Who knew there was a good side to taxation?
We have 32 blue and white blocks completed so far, and Polly is anxious to do more.  
I hate to think I am now looking forward to when tax time rolls around again next year!!


  1. Wonderful quilt and what a great way to recycle that newsprint!

  2. At least they're good for SOMETHINGS positive! How clever of your husband to think of trying them! XO

  3. Hoo boy......I bet the back of those blocks would make for riveting reading before being removed......what a great idea! Recycling at its best.

  4. The absolute best use for a tax guide! ;-)