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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blue and White Happiness

We've been spinning around in a funnel-cloud of activities this past bit, and between work commitments, birthdays, home renovations, university graduation, and hubby's job change there has been little time for fun things.  Imagine my absolute delight to answer the doorbell and be handed a big, beautiful package.  I was floored when I opened the box and found... COOKIES!!
Lots and lots of BEAUTIFUL cookies, which could only have come from the talented hand of Cheryl Coville, aka Grandma Coco. 
The detail captured on the cookies is amazing, even down to the ribbons in St. F.X. colours. The generous number she sent has allowed us to share the cookies around with family and friends. Ironically, some even went back to Ontario with one of my son's roommates, not far from where Cheryl lives.
The edible art did double duty as both decor and dessert.
My sincerest thanks to Cheryl for her thoughtfulness.  It's a little mind-bending to realize that someone whom we've never met and lives so far away could be such a big part of our celebrations. Life is like that :)  The embroidered napkins and coasters, made by my friend Joan, are the perfect blue for the occasion.
Now we put away the party clothes and get down to the unpacking and the putting away until fall, when the next round of school begins. (I may just keep the shoes on a little bit longer though...*-)


  1. How fun are those cookies......what a great idea! I would have trouble putting those shoes away too - they are gorgeous.

  2. Shoes should be worn. Perhaps you could put them on today, to celebrate Star Wars Day.
    Congratulation to the new graduate.

  3. You set a lovely table, Karen. And the shoes are beautiful, too!

    1. They are...but no where as lovely as those cookies, Cheryl :)

  4. I think the best gift is an unexpected gift! Congrats on the graduation...

  5. Congrats to your son! Where is he going next year? Love the cookies AND the shoes!

  6. What a wonderful gesture Karen :-) And congratulations to your son on his graduation...

  7. wow! You HAVE had a lot on your plate besides those beautiful cookies! Congratulations to your son!