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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Taste of New Treats

I have been resisting sampling from the pre-cut  smorgasbord- that tempting array of delicious sounding fabrics done up as jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc.   I am more of "a metre of this, a metre of that" kind of gal which of course generates lots of leftovers. This week I am taking a nibble at a Canadian offering of delights from Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc: Maple Rolls and Maple Cakes, both served up with a bit of pepper.
 The "pepper" refers to a collection by Stof of Denmark, whose fabrics I like very much.
My challenge to myself is to design a quilt which makes very efficient use of these cuts both in terms of time and waste;  my frugal side insists on having very little fabric left over at the end.   It's been a good bit of exercise for my brain before I indulge in these tasty treats.


  1. Those pre-cuts are an expensive way to buy fabric, but oh - they are so tempting! A few small ones came home with me from Canada.

  2. I rarely buy precuts either.. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with .. I'm sure it'll be lovely...