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Thursday, 30 January 2014


My wall-hanging made with Hoffman Bali Tiles was finished a few days ago but I've been slow to take pictures.  It turned out really lovely, if I may say so.  The colours in the batiks are so soothing.
It's made with a panel of 4 Bali Tiles which were fussy cut in a circle and machine appliquéd onto the background.  If you are familiar with how I work, you know that I looked for a super-simple way to turn the edge of the fabric for the circle, and found it! This is actually the first time I have used this method and it was so effortless that it will be my go-to method henceforth.  There is no gathering thread involved and no freezer paper/starch or gluestick in sight.  All machine done and quick-as-a-wink!
The project measures "19 x 55" and I added tabs at the top for hanging, but what a gorgeous bed runner this would make with a couple of more tiles added.  For fun, I stitched a little cushion to match. 
The quilting is all straight line, with rays coming from the circles and straight lines horizontally in the border, like piano keys. Sometimes less is more, as you want your eye to go to the beautiful tile not the quilting.
You can keep going and make a whole quilt:
The Bali Tiles are available at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium in three colourways:  Sea Holly (that's what I used), Volcano and Splash.  The pattern is finished up and ready to go.  You can purchase it from my website or from your favourite fabric shop for $10.95.  Please come back in a day or so as I have a little Valentine project to share with you!


  1. Oh that is a winner in my book! Love the fabric too! Did I hear a next workshop in subject with machine "appliqué de Karen way" ? Hugs

  2. Gorgeous!!! Is there an applique on top of each circle, or is that the design in the Bali print?