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Tuesday 7 January 2014


The quilt I showed you a couple of days ago is all finished, and I am pleased with how it has turned out.  I hope you like it too. As it usually does, the design started with the fabric, from the Shadow Collection by Stof of Denmark.   I used red, black, creamy white, and a soft grey. I love how the fabrics look together - so clean and crisp.
Naturally, I went with curved seams and the piece has a great deal of movement.  The blades appear to spin like fans so I chose a quilting design to enhance the effect.  My flexible ruler came in handy to mark a spinning line in the coloured patches.  This is all the marking I did, using the edges of the block as my boundary for the feathers.
Because it was all free hand, the quilting took no time.  I started around 8 am yesterday and was all done by my 1 pm lunch break.  I used Invisifil thread top and bottom, in matching shades of cream, red and black and my favourite wool batting.

In the intersections between the blocks, I did a small feather along the curved edges and added a grid filler in the centre.
On the back is a pretty mottled charcoal grey.

The pattern is available in two formats:  a traditional  printed version available from my website, or as an instant download. The patterns will also be available at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium, along with the beautiful Stof fabric from which it is made.
A sincere thank you goes out to Darlene Gerber, pattern tester par excellence who found the colour palette much to her liking. (If you click the link to Darlene's blog you will see it is entitled "I Quilt Scarlet & Gray". (As a Canadian, I quilted scarlet and grey *-)