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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Roll With It

My favourite Steve Winwood song is playing in the background and I am flipping back and forth from one project to the next as the muse directs.  It's been a very creative month and I am letting it flow.
I have a commission for another antependium - a wedding one - so I picked up some silks on a recent trip to Moncton.  
Classed as a "special day" in the church calendar, the parament will be predominantly white. I chose a dupioni silk for the background, and champagne and gold dupioni and habitai silks for the elements.  The basic design is sketched out but I haven't decided yet whether to piece or appliqué it, so while that perks I drew out a couple of small projects which were in my head.  I am using up fabrics left over from the book projects;  this is the Cottage Lane collection from Michael Miller.
It's going together very quickly so unless I get distracted and start something else (!) it should be finished up in a day or two.  


  1. Looking Good. You go girl!!!!!

  2. The shimmer on the silks is interesting! Those leftovers are bright and fun too.