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Thursday 23 January 2014

Polly's Posies

During yesterday's blizzard, I finished up the quilting on the new table runner and  - thanks to Kate from Arts and Socks - it finally has a name:  Polly's Posies.
It's a cheerful project and one which did not take a great deal of time and effort - or fabric. The collection I used is Michael Miller's "Cottage Path."
 The pattern also includes instructions to make matching placemats.
The block would make a terrific pattern for a bed quilt pieced in a variety of colourful scraps.
The quilting was kept very simple:  outlines on the petals, stippling in the corners, squiggles in the polka dot strips, and a big swirl in the centre.
Alliteration aside, the name Kate suggested is fitting as naturally Polly was with me as I stitched.  (She wasn't very happy to have her photo taken though.)
Polly's Posies measures 12" x 36".
 The pattern is available for purchase as an instant download here on Craftsy for $4.00.


  1. Definitely a fun pattern! It would also look good set on point in a quilt. Polly, you don't look impressed.....but you should be, your pattern is fabulous.

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  3. Polly looks like you are disturbing her nap! I love the pattern. Can't wait to try it.

  4. I love your new pattern. Love the movement. That fabric line is perfect. Just wondering...the fabric that surrounds the that orangey or rosy? Hard to tell on my screen.

  5. Lovely Karen! And it looks like it has Polly's approval too!

  6. Gorgeous Karen! Whew! Another piece on my to-do list :)