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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

S'now Fun

Polly has decided going for a ride in the big snow scoop is the best fun. We went all over the yard at high speed, and each time I dumped her out, she came running back to jump in again.
Hard to get the shovelling done with a scoop full of cat...and there was lots to shovel!


  1. Oh what fun! Polly is sure a lucky puss- Ollie can only enjoy the winter from inside... I'll be driving by Amherst tomorrow - I'll wave!!

  2. I want Polly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julia xox

  3. Hey! I think you've got our snow! Cassie wants to go for a ride now, too, but unfortunately she's like Ollie and doesn't get out much (or at all).

  4. That is just so cute!!! Our kitty does NOT like snow!!

  5. Polly is SO SMART. I'm not sure how she learned to do that, but it is adorable.