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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Next Up

With workshop projects now ready for testing, next up for me is a series of liturgical antependiums. (This is a fancy name for the banner that hangs on the front of a church lectern. It's a seldom used word, and one not familiar to the spellchecker on this program; it changed the word twice to "independence"!) I've been commissioned by this church to do the entire liturgical year, which is as challenging as it is exciting. At present I am sorting through past projects for inspiration.
For such an undertaking, more time will be spent on the thinking rather than the actual sewing. I've dragged my feet too long to stitch Lent as we're almost there, but with any luck Easter will be ready in time.


  1. Oh, what an honor Karen. I'm sure they will be spectacular.

  2. What a great use for your talent! Hope I don't sound too ignorant (just a little ignorant is fine) but how many antependiums make up an entire liturgical year?

  3. That sounds a very interesting project! I hadn't heard of antependiums either, but I get it....'pend' as in hanging, pendant from.