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Sunday 12 February 2012

The Perfect Storm

Yesterday was one of those perfect, relaxing, everything-comes-together days. The weatherman warned us that 40 cm of snow was about to fall, so I put supper in the slow cooker and a quilt on the machine.
Polly was happy with the progress we made and she loves the quilt, which uses a double layer of her favourite wool batting.

In the end, we got probably 30 cm of beautiful white snow. The storm was bad enough to close highways on either side of Amherst - both the Cobequid Pass into Nova Scotia, as well as the highway across the Tantramar Marsh into New Brunswick. Polly was out in the snow bright and early this morning. She likes to dig holes; perhaps she thinks she is helping shovel?
There was lots of shovelling to do; the snow was up past my knees.

There was time for play as well and Polly was keen for rides in the scoop.


  1. Polly in the snow shovel is one very funny puss! That's an interesting project - and double wool batting, how thick is it? I use wool batting, but only a single layer.....can't imagine trying to wrestle a double layer in the machine.

  2. Ha! I don't think my kitties would sit still for a shovel ride in the snow. What fun for Polly. Well, we didn't get that much - ours was sweepable and now the sidewalks are empty because the sun came out. Next week should see more of the white stuff gone since we will be hovering around 0+.

  3. I love to see Polly in the scoop!! Keep the photos coming. (Love the quilt photos, too.)

  4. How funny that Polly rides in the scoop. How did you discover she liked to ride? As a kitten maybe?