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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Towers and Turrets and Kiosks - Oh My!

The town of Amherst works diligently to improve its functionality while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Last week, these little kiosks began popping up, almost as quickly as mushrooms. They are information centres so that visitors and locals alike can see what's going on around town. They are cute little structures, eye catching with their unique shape and bright colours.
Approaching from West Victoria Street the other day, I saw something else that I had previously not noticed. The roof of the kiosk is a replica of the top of The Old Clock Tower, one of Amherst's most recognizable historic buildings.
It's easier to see in these pictures:

I think this attention to detail is impressive. Amherst is, after all, known as the "Town of Towers and Turrets" so it's fitting to honour that. In total, there are four kiosks located around the downtown: The Old Clock Tower, Victoria Square, The YMCA and The Four Fathers Library. This shot is taken along Victoria Street and you can see a second kiosk right below the turret of First Baptist Church, in Victoria Square.
It's terrific to have these in place for the influx of visitors to our quickly-approaching Fibre Arts Festival.


  1. what a fabulous idea - and I love that they match the towers and turrets around them. I'll have to make sure I get to Amherst next spring to check them out in person. Looks like you are getting some wonderful weather, too!

  2. Must have missed this post! That's a very clever idea, I love the way the little turrets match the big one.