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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Pearl Of An Oriental Beauty

This Beauty is a real pearl...and made by Anne Marie Pearle, of Paradise Nova Scotia. Anne Marie used my Oriental Beauty pattern #209 to make her table topper. I love the impact of the gold spikes, and the subtle shading of the red background sections adds depth.
Oriental Beauty is a variation of a New York Beauty block, but drawn on a different angled grid. Appliquéing the curved bands makes it surprisingly easy to sew. Thanks for sharing this, Anne Marie. I know from visiting your area that you really do live in Paradise.


  1. What a beautiful piece. Congrats, Anne Marie!
    Josie from Edmonton

  2. Wow, how gorgeous and how rewarding to see your pattern in use.

  3. very nice; and I certainly agree regarding the merits of appliqueing the curved strips.