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Monday, 22 August 2011

Yellow Ohio Stars

It rained again today, so Polly and I went through our stack of "flimsies" (i.e. pieced but unquilted tops) and chose one to finish. When working on the book Canadian Heritage Quilting, I had pieced an Ohio Star baby quilt in yellow and white polka dots. I really liked it, but found in test shots that the pattern wasn't showing well in the photographs. I decided to scrap it and start over by adding a sparkly blue with the yellow polka dot, set off with a white sashing. Smiling faces were stitched in some of the star blocks, making this a fun, happy quilt.
But I still like the soft, dreamy look of the original yellow and white version and decided it was time to bring it to life with some quilting. I started with my usual in-the-ditch around all the blocks and borders.
Since this is a very traditional pattern, free motion feathered wreaths worked well in the plain yellow alternate blocks.
Even though they are the same pattern, this quilt and the blue/yellow/white one will have a completely different feel.


  1. It's turning out lovely. Looks like the quilts
    my grandma made.

  2. Love the yellow and can never have too much yellow in their life!

  3. Looks fabulous, I love the feathered wreathes.