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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stole-n Moments

With the string quilt all basted and ready to quilt, Polly and I stole off to start a stole - a liturgical stole, that is. The kind ministers wear. This is a commissioned piece which means I am going slowly to make sure I stick to the agreed upon sketch. It is being made entirely of silk habutai (except for the silver bowl which is lamé) on a raw silk noile background.
Because it has elements of water, I am drawn to using sparkly threads...but not too many, as we agreed to keep it as plain as possible.
The challenge with designing a stole is the awkward size of the canvas on which to express your vision. It's roughly 5" wide so the shapes are quite contained, and yet you want the piece to read from the back of the church. Tricky indeed. Good thing I have Polly's help on this one.


  1. Hi Karen - interesting stole design. A nearby quilting friend, Janet Armstrong of Vernon, has been creating custom stoles for a few years now, generally using men's ties contributed by the recipient's congregation. Here is the link to her blog:

  2. A member of our Guild, Monica W. makes stoles quite often, for her brothers who are priests. They were beautiful. Yours looks beautiful. Gail M.