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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Updates For N.S.Fibre Arts Festival

For my workshop at this year's Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival I will be doing a class entitled Free Motion Quilting For the Absolutely Terrified. Our project will be a miniature whole cloth quilt, and I have been stitching it in different colours. A couple of weeks back I showed you one in a solid red Kona cotton I was working on. I liked it so much that I decided to make it a bit larger and sew it into a tote bag.
The colours are a bit bleached in these pictures as it is really sunny today (not complaining!) but you get the idea. I've trimmed it out with black handles, a black velcro closure and a black zipper on the inside pocket. It looks pretty spiffy, if I may say so.
The quilting on the back is even simpler - crosshatching and background filler.
Even though this is a very easy beginner motif, it stitches up into an attractive finished product. There is more information posted on the workshop page of my website. Just know that the classes are filling very quickly, so if you'd like your name added to the list, please email me at once. Cost for the day-long workshop is $60. tax included, plus a $5. kit fee which includes the fabric for your wholecloth sampler.
Kathy Tidswell will also be part of our Festival, and she has pictures posted on her website now of her class offerings; click the "events" heading a the top of the page. I am looking forward to being part of Kathy's Tuesday class on Painting With Your Sewing Machine. (We need our kitchen painted, so I am hoping the Bernina can be taught to do that...) Joking aside, it will be exciting for me to learn from a quilt artist who has taught across our country at several Quilt Canada conferences and awarded the honour of being selected Teacher of the Year by The Canadian Quilter's Association in 2005. It's going to be a great Festival!

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  1. I would love to come, it sounds like a great festival.....but alas, it's such a long way! *grin*