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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

IQF - Long Beach, California

International Quilt Festival/Long Beach runs July 29-31, 2011 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California. If you happen to be in the area, my quilt With Glowing Hearts is part of the traveling "O Canada" exhibit. I guess we knew from the start that this quilt was destined to move around, as it certainly did the day we took it to be photographed. Here are some outtakes from that photo session, on a very windy day at Fort Beausejour in New Brunswick. (Actually, I think every day is a windy day at Fort Beausejour...) My very patient husband chased the quilt all over the historic grounds while I tried to snap a picture before the quilt got airborne. Here he is very neatly propping it up on three baskets to give a better angle for viewing.
By the time he steps out of the photo and I snap the shutter, the quilt has blown off the plastic ground sheet.
At one point, the quilt actually did float through the air, almost like a magic carpet! We lugged the quilt to various locations around the grounds, even onto this stone foundation deep inside the shelter of the walls. I stood on top of one of the case mates to shoot...but still the quilt flapped and billowed.
We tried securing it with clear packing tape but it wasn't strong enough to hold against the wind.
In the end, this fence proved the best spot.
If you happen to be heading to the Long Beach Show this weekend, perhaps you will have a look for this peripatetic quilt. Several folks have emailed that they are going and will send photos and I welcome any you take as well.


  1. I am actually white gloving on Friday at IQF Long Beach. I will definitely look for your beautiful quilt.


  2. I think it was meant to be photographed on the fence.. What a beauty... ( and hubby too:) Hey! Canada!

  3. Your final shot was the winner! Beautiful! Of course, its pretty hard not to find a beautiful spot in our part of the country.

  4. It is certainly windy there! Your quilt is lovely, and the fence shot is a god one.

  5. Guess where they put me to white glove. Right. In the O'Canada exhibit. You don't get to ask either; you are assigned before you get there. Beautiful quilt Karen. I have some pictures I'll send later.