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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Log Cabin X

Now that the dust has settled from graduation and the surprise quilt has been gifted, I can show the Log Cabin quilt made for youngest son. When eldest headed off to university, he went with a Log Cabin quilt pieced in his school's colours of red and blue. His quilt was 6 blocks across x 8 down, in a barn raising setting. I tried to stick to that formula as closely as possible (fair and equal) and have only changed the colours and block arrangement. The X setting has significance to youngest's chosen school.
This all needed to be done on the QT so hubby helped me baste quickly early one morning.
As luck would have it, we discovered this beautiful fence not far from town which I knew would be the perfect spot to photograph the quilt. Thanks to the Rolfes for allowing me use of their fence. I wish I had know it was there when I was doing the photography for the book two years ago.
The fabrics were a combination of scraps leftover from other projects as well as some purchased specifically for this quilt. It's almost an "eye spy" of his childhood as I've used hockey prints, cats, scraps from his pirate quilt made when he was 2, and some bee prints (the green strip near the centre).
When long arm quilter Jacquieline Pohl of The Vintage Quiltery came to visit a couple of weeks' ago I asked her advice on the quilting. I had intended to do a large feather in the blue. Jacquie advised moving the feather to the white section and stippling around it, as well as stitching the blue logs in the ditch. So I did, and am very happy with the results. I've also quilted his name and date in one of the logs.
I expect the white will not remain white very long...I wonder who chose those colours for a university? Give me garnet and gold any day :)


  1. Karen - what a beautiful quilt - I am sure your son is thrilled!! Your quilting is gorgeous!

  2. What a beauty. Now we all know who is going to have the most alluring digs at X. Lucky boy. The bees are absolutely amazing. Got to love nature. Since you've been posting regularly lately does that mean that your computer is on the mend? Great to have you back.

  3. It is lovely, and the quilting design is perfect for it.

  4. What a great quilt....I'm sure your son will cherish it, and it will bring some of 'home' to him while he is away.

  5. What a beauty♥ I love the quilting.. looking forward to the workshop in October to get soem of those skills in quilting.
    Whatt a super quilt. I love the colors...