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Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Long Arm of the Longarmer

Friday I had the pleasure of meeting someone with whom I have been "friends" for many years. Award-winning longarm quilter Jacqueline Pohl of The Vintage Quiltery in Gladstone, Manitoba made a trip east and we finally met. I enjoyed the day a great deal. She brought this funky-patterned bag which will be terrific for carrying quilts. It's got lots of pockets inside and out -I love it!
I'm not sure exactly when I first connected with Jacquie, but it was long ago enough that she was one of the very first - and very best - long arm quilters around, and worth it to courier quilts half-way across the country to her. Over the years she has quilted many quilts on her Gammil for me which appeared in numerous books and magazines. The Log Canada quilt which is pictured in the heading of this blog was quilted by Jacqueline Pohl; it toured the Houston quilt shows in the O Canada exhibit 2 years' ago and also appeared in the book Canadian Heritage Quilting. Jacquie also quilted the cover quilt for this book, Gram's Baptist Fans. We spent a wonderful day together. I showed her a top I am about to start quilting and she offered suggestions on how she would quilt it - then offered to take it home and do it! I turned her down as I didn't think it fair to send her home with work, but it was tempting. She is heading back with some very interesting souvenirs of her trip to the Maritimes, though...including lots of pictures of the tin ceilings of Dayle's Department Store.

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  1. What a useful bag! I have admired the work done on these quilts in your book.