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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Busy Bee Weekend

We have been out checking on the blossoms and the bees. The blueberries are still in flower so the bees will enjoy their nectar for a bit longer. With hives spread over four different fields, it takes awhile to visit them all.
In some areas, it is necessary to protect the hives with electric fencing which needs to be deactivated before we can get in to check the bees. It always makes me nervous but it's better than having the colonies ransacked and destroyed by hungry bears. Most bears don't get that gentle "rumbly in my tummy" like Winnie The Pooh...I love the colour of blueberry fields; the red is Sheep Sorrel.
We've had a few glorious days of sunshine and the bees are taking full advantage of the weather.

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  1. I know how the bees must feel... I love the sunny days too, and I'm dog afraid of bears. I've seen a bear twice while out for walks in the country near our cottage. I now always walk with somebody that runs slower than me!! Gail M.