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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Going Postal

Or not..? With the impending mail strike in Canada, that seems to be the million dollar question: do we mail our letters and packages, or wait until things are settled? Postal strikes are particularly hard on small mail-order business owners such as myself who depend on Canada Post for their delivery service. If you are considering ordering patterns, you may be in for a bit of a wait. (or not...)
I have resisted "going postal" on this new computer, which has been one problem after another since its arrival here a couple of months' back. Oddly, I am resigning myself to accept the daily crashes and refusals to boot. I have come to expect that it won't work properly. The installation of a new graphics card on Thursday was greeted with much anticipation as the solution to the problems but the euphoria was short-lived as it started again after two days of good behavior. My household back-up choices for online work include an iPod Touch, a tiny netbook, a wii and a Nintendo DS. Thank heavens for all of them...and for glasses which allow me to see the tiny keys on these devices! If I am slow responding to email, please be patient.


  1. i know how you feel about those computer problems, been dealing with them myself for the past 3 weeks.......urghhhhh. i work for the us postal service, and we too are waiting to see what the canadian post does, doesnt look too promising. but what i am most flabbergasted about is, you can surf the internet from the wii??? how, i must know how to do this!!!!

  2. All I can say is, as a fellow Canuck, I feel your pain. :(

  3. About the pending strike - we were just talking about this today. We wanted to order something and then said "well with the strike, we don't know how long it will take, so let's no bother!".
    I hear you on computer frustrations, although I'll be getting a new one soon. What kind did you get so I know not to get it? :)

  4. You are being incredibly patient Karen.If we were giving out stars for this, yours would surely be gold. I think I would not do nearly as well. I love your sample for the upcoming fibrefest workshop. we all want to be able to make our projects look this well.