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Thursday, 14 April 2011

There Must Be 50 Ways To...

make your HSTs (but probably Paul Simon is not going to sing about them.)
Jennifer has given permission to post this link to her tutorial for a clever alternate way to make HSTs. Try it out, and see what you think. The measurements she gives will create a 4" (finished) block. Note that the link posted above is directly to this tutorial; to go to her latest post, click on the title Bronze Wombat at the top of the picture.
For the record, I do not know what a Bronze Wombat is; perhaps we should all ask Jennifer?


  1. This construction technique was published in 2003 in the book Triangle Tricks (That Patchwork Place), giving the math for several other sizes and calling the block "Mary's Triangle". The Intro to the book refers to "previously published directions" for 4" and 5" blocks, but does not indicate the name of the publisher.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to the Bronze Wombat blog since this technique is new to me. I'm definitely going to try it.