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Monday, 4 April 2011

A Seasonal Fruit Smoothie

Recently, I've had occasion to revisit the Fruit Smoothie design. I chose pastel, Eastery colours and sewed four blocks which is just the right size for a small table mat. It's fun to twist and turn the blocks to decide on the layout. It was tempting to stitch this shape for a runner.
For my round table however, it made more sense to go with a circle. The fabric is Mirror Ball Dot by Michael Miller, which has a nice sheen. It looks like a flower pieced in these colours.
To emphasize the spin, I quilted a fun, swirl design in the centre.
Yellow bias binding completed the outer edge.
It took less than an hour, start to finish, and gives a quick bit of spring colour for the table.
The daffodils from the Canadian Cancer Society should be open by day's end.

Shortly, I will post pictures of more samples of Fruit Smoothie, stitched by the Maple Leaf Quilters in B.C.


  1. How cute is that?? Delicious colours. I love your idea for a table runner too.

  2. That's so pretty, Karen! I love the curves.

  3. Sure - start to finish only one hour. Karen you are so funny. I think it would take someone like myself more than one hour. But I do love the design. Easter colors are so refreshing after the long cold winter. Lucy

  4. Aloha!

    Please visit my blog for the latest post on Mirror Ball Dot where I have included your project and a link to this page


    Mark Hordyszysnki