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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Maple Leaf Quilters

Earlier this week I posted a different colouring for Fruit Smoothie; here are a couple more to share. These quilts were made by the Maple Leaf Quilters located just outside of Vancouver on Canada's west coast. "The Maple Leaf Quilters are a young company offering sewing days to quilters who like small group settings to learn, as well as retreats for those who want to get away for the weekend. We do charity quilts, work with people of all abilities and believe in inclusion. We are currently working on having our website up and running as well as a blog. The class with the Fruit Smoothie will be taught in June." Here's Valerie's version: This is Joan's. The red, white and black make a striking combination: I love their colour interpretations and look forward to receiving pictures from the class. If you are in the area and interested in a workshop on sewing curves, contact Maple Leaf Quilters for more information.


  1. Fruit Smoothie is such a wonderful design - so unusual!!♥

  2. I like it too. Love the B/W one with the red. So striking....Gail M.