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Monday, 18 April 2011


Although the week ahead promises to be rainy and cold, Saturday the bees enjoyed a bit of sunshine. We were quite surprised to see how much pollen they were able to collect as there were no visible blossoms we could spot. See the little yellow sacs on their legs? That's how they carry the pollen they've collected. My spring goal is to clean out fabric and the odd flimsy (i.e. pieced, but as yet unquilted, tops) which have been piling up. I found a set of Quick Trip Around The World Placemats and am free motion quilting those in circles.
While deciding how to quilt the oriental New York Beauty blocks, I am sewing red and blue scraps in 8" string blocks. They work up so quickly.
Hubby and I have been asked to do a bee display for Earth Day and it's been fun getting posters made and sorting apiary pictures into a Power Point show. We've never done a display together before and we are looking forward to this. Will post details as we move closer to the day. In the meantime, it's more string blocks until the red pile is depleted... (after which I get to buy more reds, because I can't be with my favourite colour!)

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  1. Aren't those bees busy! I did a closeup and could very well see the yellow on their legs. Incredible. Love the placemats. Something else on my to list is the trip around the world. Lucy