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Thursday, 25 November 2010

On To The Quilting...

I bought a new gift for my beloved: a straight stitch throat plate.
The throat plate that comes with the Bernina (and on most multi-stitch machines) is a versatile one which will accommodate a zigzag or decorative stitch as well as a straight stitch.
Having been "raised" on a machine where I always switched plates, I can see the benefits of having the tiny hole for the needle to pass through. It makes perfect stitches even more... perfecter. (Those who know me will understand how I cringed when I wrote that, having been an English teacher in a past career *-) If you scroll back up to the top picture, you will see it comes with a bright orange warning to help you remember to change the plate when you are changing your stitch width. Otherwise, good bye needle.
I used the plate to start the free motion quilting on my spring quilt. I can't show you the front of the quilt yet, but here's the back. Can you tell what motif I am quilting? Only 32 more of these to do before moving on to the next section. So far, so good.


  1. I need to get one of those stitch plates. I am lucky that my new machine has a setting to stop the needle moving sideways - I was always breaking needles on the 1/4" foot on my old machine! The orange warning is a great idea.♥

  2. You'll love the single hole throat plate. Wise investment! Mine does not have the orange warning- an improvement for sure. Happy Quilting!

  3. Funny you should post about throat plates Karen, I only found out yesterday that my machine (Pfaff Expression 4.0) has a built-in safety feature that prevents you from sewing a wider stitch when you still have your single hole throat plate in use! After almost two years of forgetting to change plates and breaking lots of needles this problem came up in conversation with a fellow Pfaffer. Problem solved!! I wonder how many other things I dont know about!!

  4. Also, Im thinking butterflies for spring!!

  5. A great investment. I use my single throat plate lots. As Linda says, the Pfaff has a lock so it won't let you do stitches that are not straight. It's saved me many a needle, when I bother to turn it on!!

    Ahh, butterflies... nice. I'm trying to think of spring things to make for our April Quilt show.

  6. Oh! wonderful... I forgot to tell you I will be one of Jeannie's girls soon. My machine is suppose to be in today but Santa will be holding ti till Christmas. I guess that makes us sisters!