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Thursday 18 November 2010

Rosy Socks and Circles

Last evening I grafted the toe on a pair of socks destined to be a Christmas gift. I am really pleased to have these finished and hope to have time to make one more pair before The Big Day. They are photographed here on wool batting, which I have spread out to relax. Doesn't it look soft? With any luck, the batting will get used up in a day or so.
The quilt I am working on with Benartex fabrics is progressing slowly but surely. The blocks are all pieced and joined, and now I've decided a little bit of appliqué is required to add detail to the patchwork. This "little bit of appliqué" involves making 192 circles. I am using Eleanor Burns' method of facing the fabric with interfacing, and cutting a slit in the back to turn. Using the needle-down position on the Bernina in combination with the knee-lift is making the stitching of these circles extra quick. Only 92 more to go...


  1. Your socks turned out great! I am too embarrased to show mine. That is a really neat way to make your circles. I will have to keep this in mind! Let us know how you like the wool batting.

  2. Linda, I just love this wool batting! It's "Legacy" be Pellon and it quilts like butter, plus it has a nice loft so the quilting shows well. I've ditched cotton batting completely!

  3. Nice job on the socks. I am not fond of "On Your Toes" yarn because I always find several knots in the skein. I'm curious: did you have that problem?

  4. I love the color of your socks although I have never heard of On Your Toes yarn. Also can't wait to see your latest quilt. Your suggestion for making the circles is a great idea. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new Bernina. Lucy